Fabric-Reinforced Roof Systems

Fabric-Reinforced Roof Systems

Cost-Effective Fabric-Reinforced Roof Systems

Cut energy costs with reflective fabric surfaces and enjoy additional benefits from a fabric-reinforced roofing system applied by B. K. Coating Services.

Features of a Fabric-Reinforced Roof System

•   Low maintenance
•   Stops leaks and waterproofs by eliminating seams
•   Protects roofs from the wind
•   Protects roofs from hail damage
•   Increases energy efficiency by lowering utility costs
•   Extends the life of existing roofs
•   Available for many different roof styles

Save Big on Your Energy Bills With Our Fabric-Reinforced Roof System

Apply our fabric-reinforced system to your roof and watch your energy bills drop, along with the temperature inside your property!
You'll save because the white fabric surface reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, which keeps your roof and home cooler throughout the year. Contact us for details!
FREE estimates on our fabric-reinforced roof system! Call us now.
We offer 5% SENIOR CITIZEN and VETERAN discounts on our services!
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